Introducing “Peel” a new take on dating apps

The pandemic has been around for almost a year now, things have changed and you can no longer meet someone at a cafe, randomly in the street or at a bar. Like 60% of the 20–34-year-olds living alone in Canada, I’m single and for the first time in my life, I feel lonely.

My social interactions are constrained to my remote coworkers. Them not being an option, as a millennial it felt natural to start meeting new people through dating apps.

After spending time on available solutions out there, I quickly felt overwhelmed. We are living in a hyperconnected world where our next match is potentially a tap or a swipe away, flooded by new profiles to choose from every day which makes us unable to make a choice and stick with it. This paradox of choice, also seen on Netflix users when they search for a movie to watch, is shifting our focus from what matters most: building a real connection with someone.

The dating world deserves something better, something new.

Say hi to Peel 🎉

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Peel, an app I co-founded that reduces the amount of noise by design, by limiting the number of people a user can talk to at the same time. Our motto is quality over quantity.

Peel at a glance

Closer to reality

Online dating still feels so odd because the current solutions just don’t reflect reality at all. Never in your life do you speak to ten prospects at the same time (if you do… How do you find the time for that?!), so why do dating apps push their users to want always more matches? At best, you speak with one or two of them and ignore all the others. The most likely scenario is that you feel overwhelmed and end up ghosting everyone, or they ghost you because they are in the exact same position.

This isn’t healthy at all. Actually, this isn’t even dating. Let’s change that.
At Peel, any user can only talk to up to two people at the same time. No more dozens of matches you won’t ever interact with. Dating shouldn’t be a bookkeeping job: it should be fun and fluid.

Less conversations means less solicitation, less noise and more meaningful interactions. You no longer need to engage in the same chitchats over and over, just to find out in your first date you have absolutely nothing in common with that person.

Relevant matches

Physical attraction is for sure very important when it comes to dating, but just because you like the looks of someone doesn’t mean you’ll form a solid connection with them. I believe having common interests is what makes every durable relationship. We give our users the opportunity to fully express themselves through their profile, so that we can match with people who share their interests and who they’ll instantly feel connected to.

Every match you get on Peel has real value and potential to transform into a great relationship.

Safe for all

The app has been designed from the ground up with safety in mind. Every profile picture uploaded is manually reviewed and any user can easily report suspect or disrespectful behaviours. We take online safety very seriously and are committed to ensuring every profile on Peel is real: goodbye catfish!

But we won’t stop there. Our focus will always be on safety and we are already planning on adding features to improve profiles verification.

Peel is now available on iOS or Android in Montréal, Canada. We can’t wait to hear your feedback about it!

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